A Million for a Million

A Million for a Million, http://www.millionforamillion.co.nz/ some of you may have heard of this campaign in the past week or so.  Now before I go any further I need to say that the person driving this national campaign is my employer.  Annah Stretton is an internationally acclaimed fashion designer, publisher and extremely successful business entrepreneur http://www.annahstretton.co.nz/.  Annah is a blogger as well.  I have read Annah’s blogs with interest, they are insightful and clearly full of her renown passion.  A number of these are however at a very different end of the political spectrum than what I operate on, we agree on many of the problems but our solutions are quite different you can read her blogs here http://annahstretton.blogspot.co.nz/. However there are a number of areas that we are on the same page.  Annah’s passion is not reserved just for her business, she brings it to all things that she becomes involved in, this latest campaign which is simply to get 1 million New Zealanders to lose 1 kilo each.  We agree on the issue that obesity is a huge problem in New Zealand.  The problem with obesity is not about body size, it is the health issues that come with it.  I know as someone who was morbidly obese, I have first hand knowledge. Annah says it is about “A country talking about health, making that step to change and working together will achieve some great results”. For me, it’s about championing a cause that is so important to me and has the potential to make real social change. This could be the kick-start we need to become one of the world’s most healthiest nations!  A fantastic goal which I support whole heartedly.

I want to acknowledge here that the Stretton Group through Annah gave me an opportunity when others did not and provided me with part time employment which has meant that I have been able to study.  Their willingness to be flexible has been fantastic.  The other thing that being around the Stretton Group has given me is a unique opportunity to have a look at the fashion industry from the inside and to learn a huge amount.  I have seen the process from design through to retailing and have enjoyed it immensely. I had the privilege of being a part of the NZ Fashion Week in a small way with helping with the logistics of the show, getting a birds eye view http://www.nzfashionweek.com/.  The energy vibe from this was fantastic.   The creativity that I have experienced in this organisation has been part of the motivation for me as I have moved into writing as well.

I believe in the cause and the recipients of the donations that are given is the New Zealand Heart Foundation http://www.heartfoundation.org.nz/. They do a fantastic job.  Now here comes the hard sell.  well it is a bit of a soft sell really.   All that is asked for is a 1 dollar donation and a commitment to lose 1 kilo.  Tonight I have paid my dollar and bought nine other sponsorships.  If you would like your name to go as one of those leave a comment on this blog and I will put you on as participating.   Better still you could follow this link http://www.millionforamillion.co.nz/and make your own 1 dollar donation and a commitment to lose a kilo.   I am sure that no one will mind if you are not from New Zealand, so join the revolution and join with me in this great cause.  PS this is not solicited or sponsored in any way, Annah has no idea that I am writing this.

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2 responses to “A Million for a Million

  1. Fantastic idea, but it is strange, never knew that New Zeland had such a big problem. This is an international thing, UK heavily suffer for this (not trying to make a joke), so does this mean that nations have become lazier. I still feel technology has a huge part to play with this – do not go to the library, just download it on to the computer or kindle. Do not go out and shop, just order it online. All these must be factors………..now I just sound old, but you do realise as a nation we are encouraged to do things the easy way, and never the hard way. My kids always ask, why I never use the hoover but sweep, the floor……………


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