How I lost 100 lbs (45 kg) Nearly 1/3 of my body weight!

Talking about procrastination got me to thinking about some further unfinished business.  In April 2010 I looked at myself in the mirror and told myself the truth.  I said and pardon the f bomb here nut it is what I said “f – – – that is pretty disgusting.   I was talking about my reflection, all 138.9 kgs of it.  That is nearly 307 pounds for my American readers or nearly 22 stone for my Uk readers.

I was morbidly obese.  I was recently separated and had let myself go over the last 20 years, it had started with a back injury and then as I did not deal with all the other problems in my life I began to eat.  I could eat a two pound steak with sausage and bread and ½ a dozen beers no problems.  The dessert and snacks all good.  Stop to buy gas, always add a chocolate bar, coke, flavoured milk whatever. As to exercise well I could work all day but at a slow pace.  I decided that if I wanted someone else in my life then I needed to do something about it.   I had been offered help to get a stomach staple but I had decided that these could get beaten and that I needed a change in my heart that extended to my body. Healthy mind, healthy soul.

I set about doing something about it.  I set a goal of losing 5 kgs, I joined the gym and went for it.  I started to lose weight. Hmmm. I thought maybe there is something in this, well to cut to the chase I weigh in at around 93 kgs give or take a kilo depending on the week.  Yes that’s right I have lost over 100 pounds or 6 stone.  Almost 1/3 of my body weight.  Now here is the good news.  I will share how to do this with you, how much would you pay for this knowledge, my secret to success, $90.00 well today, I will give you an opportunity to find out my story for … wait for it not 90.00, not 80.00 not 50.00 not even 20.00.  For the grand sum of just 3.00 I will share the secrets of my weight loss with you.  That is right, $3.00.  (if you want to trawl through my blogs you can learn it for free!

Wait there must be a catch.  Nope, nada, nix, not even, No catch or conditions.  All you have to do is follow my blog.  I can even throw in some cooking lessons and recipes if you like.  Just tell me what you want to know.  I am even prepared to journey with you via cyber space on your journey of weight loss if that is what you prefer.  I know that this knowledge is worth paying for and if you decide that you like what you hear and want to acknowledge that in a tangible form, you can buy my book.  Anyway back to the story of procrastination.  I have been stable for the last 6 months bouncing around the 93 to 95 kg mark.  I have a goal to reach 85 kgs before I turn 50 in January.   Procrastinate no more, back on the wagon, follow my journey.  Weigh in tomorrow.  I may have even sneaked back into the 96 kg mark.

I have posted some before and after photos so you can see the reality of my change.  I hope you enjoyed my story.



8 responses to “How I lost 100 lbs (45 kg) Nearly 1/3 of my body weight!

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  2. Interesting article. Where is the blog?
    I am needing to lose 50kg.
    Currently eating muesli, milk and breakfast juice for breakfast. Eating soy burgen bread 2-4 slices a day. I snack on fruit, vegetables and nuts, cashews, pine nuts and almonds. Cycling and power walking 4-5 times a week.


  3. Need your help, please help me. Want to reduce 25kg


  4. I weigh 130lbs and my height is 5’3″. I want to lose 20-30lbs please help.


  5. Your story is so fantastic and inspiring!


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