Cogito Ergo Sum, really?

Reflection, or  refraction ?
Reality or are they like a rainbow?
Real and visible,but never caught?

Nothing solid to say they were ever real ,
But visible like a memory.
Such is the nature of this thinking man.

When it comes to life and love,
what if could and should are words
jumbled in a world of regrets and lost opportunities.

Such thoughts unfettered,

unshackled, and unchained,
are as dangerous as a prowling Lion,
more voracious than a starving Hyena,
more cunning than the stealthiest Leopard.

Always seeking new prey,
new territory to conquer.
Something else to devour.
Not today my unworthy foes.
My choice is for life ,
My past informs me, not conforms me.
Sad diremption seek your fill elsewhere, not at my door.


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