Truth and Hope an Antidote for Fear

Truth such a simple word.

yet so complex,

Words that masquerade as truth,

elastic; comparative, harsh, sad.

Truth is a state of mind, turning and churning,

thrusting and uncontainable.

It has its comrades, love, integrity and courage.

Without these truth is just an empty word,

 with no value or worth.

Its seed will be destruction, pain and diremption.

Who are the keepers of the truth?

Those who love justice!

Those who seek goodness and mercy?

Those who live their lives with integrity?

Truth is uncontainable, unsettling, unhideable.

Why do we run from truth?

W hat is there in our lives, that causes us to flee from truth?

Oh that we could see ourselves as whole people. 

That we could understand that truth sets us free.

Truth brings healing and redemption.

Truth is not cruel and inconsiderate.

Those who use it in this way are unrefined,

lacking in understanding, impure in heart.

Often hurting and scared, damaged and imprisoned.

Constrained by fear and despair.

Lacking love and compassion.

Condemn them not for their fear.

Attack the root of this evil.

Speak the truth in words of life and love.

Live your lives in actions of light and compassion.

Be a light unto an unredeemed world.

(C) Paul Cronin 2011


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