Fear of the unknown, the untellable? Or fear of the truth?

Fear of the unknown.  An irrational yet very hard to shake fear that is a significant factor in stuck behaviour.  Stuck behaviour is essentially continuing to do those things in our life that we wish to change.  This fear of the unknown cuts across all kinds of stuck behaviour, it essentially stems from a belief that we are masters of our own destiny and that we can control all that happens to us here.  I apologise to those who subscribe to rich mastery, creative visualisation, believe it and see it, kind of personal growth theories. I think they are just purveyors of snake oil.

I just don’t agree with the majority of the beliefs that drive such thinking, I am not a member of Amway, or any other multi-level marketing system, no show me the numbers hype from me.  The words” boy have I got a business plan for you” send me rushing to my cupboard for needles and candles, I need the candles to heat the needles before I plunge them into my eyes, far more rational and more fun than any other multi-level marketing plan I have ever seen.   Firstly you know the outcome of such actions will stand up to the hype, and secondly you will still have your friends and family afterwards. Many proponents of such business plans will tell you that it is fear that stops you succeeding in such business “opportunities” .  I don’t believe that but I do believe that fear is the major road block to change.

I think also the fundamental way of dealing with such fear is very different to the believe it, speak it and see it that disciples of multi-level marketing would have us believe.  In fact I believe that those MLM companies rely on fear to continue their perpetuation.   The fear of being left out, being last or left behind.  That nagging feeling, maybe they are right, all I need is to sell XYZ and that will bring me success.  Such tactics in my opinion are akin to bullying and are indicative of a wide spread malaise that is tearing at the very heart of society but that is the subject of another blog, another time.

No the major road block in fear is an inability for most people to be able to tell themselves the truth, to look at themselves in the mirror and tell themselves the honest truth about the truth.
I will follow this line further in my next blog with some of my personal story.

Regards Paul.


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