Spring,change and f#*!.

So spring is here and change is in the air.  The circadian rhythm of life, day, night, summer, autumn, winter, spring.  All of that we cannot change or resist.  It just happen,s there it is.  There are seasons in our lives as well, more on that another time.

Change is a huge subject.  Google change and wow 4,530,000,000 results.  The change industry turns over billions of dollars every year.   I think it is not too brash to say that people are interested in change.  The conundrum in this is that I see little evidence of change in the worlds that I live in.   Why is that?  People want to change, how hard can that be?

We often hear that, all that matters in change is the desire, if you desire it then it will happen.  Well perhaps, maybe, could be true, except that I have met and know well people who genuinely desire change in their lives. Yet they are stuck in the same old patterns of life. Today I want to introduce one of the barriers to change  that I see, that prevents that desire to change from turning into reality.  It is a four letter word that starts with f.

FEAR:  an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or a threat.  Fear is an extremely strong emotion, often when experienced inducing the fight or flight response.  In my next blog, I will take a closer look at fear from a personal and theoretical level.


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