Enough about Bullies,time to step up.

Well with spring officially around the corner I thought it was time to move on for a little while.  In blogging about bullies the main point that I wanted to make is that action and the answers start with a personal response and that starts with taking responsibility for our actions and our choices.

To those of you who know me and the work I have been involved in this will not be new information, but I think it is worth sharing.  What I want to talk about is change.  I think that on a number of fronts I am qualified to talk about change.  In the last 30 months I have made significant changes in my life and my life style, people have asked me what motivated me to change and I can only frame it within the terms of knowledge that I have and the observations that I have made.

There are a number of triggers for change in our lives.   Most often the biggest trigger is pain, that is emotional pain in our lives.  There are other triggers for change. Sometimes someone who are close to us impress upon us the necessity for change in our lives. Sometimes it is biology and age that act as catalysts for change and on occasion it is one of those Damascus Road experiences or just a simple revelation that is a life changing experience.

Over the next few days it is my intent to share my experience of change, the motivators, the road blocks and the keys that I have found in my life.  Now right here I want to say that I do not have all the answers by any means and that my change is far from complete, and even now as I write I am seeking answers looking for a revelation, I had a friend share this song with me today and I leave it with you.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0etnqruPgc4  Give me a revelation!


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