How to Beat Bullys

Whether we like it or not bullies are a feature of our society.  There are many programmes in place to counter bullying.  The fact that we see it in all facets of society is evidence that at the best these programmes are at the best partially successful.  Like many societal problems the answer lies in society.   Parents need to take responsibility for ensuring that bullying in any manner or form is not acceptable.  this does not mean just teaching our children that such behaviour is unacceptable it is much more than that. It involves modelling behaviour that is appropriate,  It involves radical acts of telling bullies that there behaviour is unacceptable.  If your elected representatives are being bullies then let them know, if they cannot or will not change then work to ensure they are not elected.  Do not approve of bullies, if an all black or some other role model exhibits the behaviour of a bully condemn it.  Turn it off don’t watch it, tell advertisers who link with them that you will not buy their products.

Secondly do  not allow your children to become victims of bullying.  If they are assaulted deal with it, if the schools or whomever will not confront the issue then escalate your response to a higher level.  All the way to Parliament if necessary.

Bullying is a pervasive insidious evil that causes untold misery, it is responsible for driving people to suicide.  It causes losses of millions of dollars per year in lost time and employment disputes in workplaces.  It robe our young people of some of the best years of our lives.  It is not harmless nor inevitable.  It can be stopped but the responsibility lies in the hands of each and every one of us.


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