Judge to Jester : Hekia Parata

Now I realise that there are some amongst the myriad of followers that I have who believe that I revel in the use of hyperbole.  Whilst it may be true that at times I resemble that remark, lets consider the evidence that I have for a top down sponsored culture of the bully in New Zealand.  Recently teachers who had the temerity to indulge in the anti- democratic practice of writing to the Minister of Education, Hekia Parata to proclaim their misguided opposition to increased class sizes received a timely reminder of their cheek. http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/education/8113019/Parata-in-privacy-storm-over-class-size-criticism.  It appears that Minister used her meagre resources to reply directly to these teachers via their employers.  Now putting the sarcasm aside this raises a number of questions. How did the minister obtain the information about where the teachers worked? The minister most likely used her parliamentary office staff to do it for her.  It is not particularly hard in truth to get that information but the major question is why?

The overwhelming answer must be that Ms Parata intended to deliver a message to those teachers that is sinister and wrong.  The message is step out of line and I will out you.  I will use my power in any manner that I can to shut down legitimate debate.  Such an abuse of power can be called nothing else but bullying.  This is just one example of the culture that has pervaded our highest court turning the judges into jesters, unfortunately I just don’t get the joke.



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