Inspection Blues

Inspection Blues

Without fail another reminder,

falls into my hands,

just saying you know.

Stiff, folded and sealed,

like a Judge’s decision.

Dear Paul…please be assured there is not a problem…

just a routine requirement.

Just another bell ringing in my life.

Just a sixty word reminder of my place in this society.

Just the rules I have to follow,

Just conventions to obey.

No answer to be given,

no mute reply,

no invitation issued,

no consent to be given.

11.15, I’ll let myself in, I have a key.

A few moments to let the news sink in,

not unexpected, but certainly unwelcome.

A frenzy of activity occurs in my mind,

The lists form, the questions start.

The memories of a different time….

Peeking, peering and inspecting.

Judging, recording and guessing.

There it is my life laid before her eyes.

Nothing to be seen yet everything,

and yet nothing to be done.

 It just is.

Just an invasion of privacy,

worse than any internal examination.

No humour to disguise the bare facts.

That is life the lot of the renter,

Papers to peer at,

possessions to purvey.

dreaded mould ….

furious scratching,

pen on paper,

a certain finality, sentence pronounced,

Only to be repeated again…

Twelve weeks,

nothing to worry about,

all routine.


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