The problem with ACC

There are a number of problems with  Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) however most of them stem from the same issue and that is the culture of bullying.

This is a pandemic that reaches across all facets of society and manifests itself in many ways.  It is celebrated in our culture through the idolising of many bullies in our society.  These people are often referred to as “hard”, or as having a bit of mongrel.   We celebrate them when they are on our side, I am talking about sports people in the main here.

Many of our politicians are bullies, from all sides of the house.  Some classic examples are people like Robert Muldoon and if the commentators are to be believed David Lange.  There are examples of behaviour in contemporary politicians that in my belief match the definition of a bully.  Some I have experienced first hand and others are on the news,

ACC needs a culture change, this needs to start at the top and I do not mean the top of ACC although with Paula Rebstock in charge there is little hope of any significant change.  In my next post I will explore  some more the issue of bullying in New Zealand society and its consequences.


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