The culture of the bully is entrenched firmly within New Zealand Society.  It perhaps can be seen as an unfortunate inheritance from the English, there is certainly enough evidence to reinforce that position with England’s class based society extending its influence over New Zealand.  We see evidence of the entrenchment of this unfortunate trait when we see exchanges in our highest court, Parliament. It seems that the aim of Parliament is not to make the best law that will enhance and support all New Zealanders but to indulge in as many personal put downs, sly references and displays of power that can be managed in any one time.  The general lack of cross party support for law that clearly makes sense is an anathema to the ordinary person in the street.  It is no wonder that people are not bothering to vote in elections.  The behaviour and attitudes of our politicians is a good place to start when we consider alternative narratives to the dominance of the Bully in New Zealand Society.


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