What wonder I f…

What wonder I feel when I stand and view?

All that surrounds me from mountain high

I conquer not mighty peaks.

No sense of victory for me

As I stand and wonder,

Mountains that were here before time

 And will be here for all time

What stories can they tell us?

How many hopes and aspirations have they heard?

Whispers from the heart

Murmurs from the mind

Sorrows wept from torn broken hearts

Secrets shared and longings shouted

Who can hear these quests from the soul?

Standing on the mountain

With the caress of the clouds

The sustaining warmth from the sun

And the cooling zephyr of the wind

How can this be a mountain conquered?

A peak claimed.  Such thoughts of ownership

Foolish nonsense from an unrefined mind

How can a mountain be conquered

We who would stand there claiming victory

are gone in the twinkling of an eye

Distant memories like a grain of sand in the desert

Yet yesterday today and tomorrow the mountain will be.

Ever reminding of the immutability of the world

Constant and changing, but form and function always the same.

Nature’s reminder of our own temporal existence. 

But give us a mountain to stand on to sit and think

To stand and shout out our hopes and needs

Such feelings of connection and affection

Touching deep inside and beyond the physical

A whole new world does such experience bring

Knowing nature as ourselves, in ourselves

Bringing new hope and light.

Striking off the shackles of falsehood and masks

Setting free from expectations and bitter disappointment

Take me to my mountain, let my spirit be free.


One response to “What wonder I f…

  1. Wow! Love this!


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